Kids Adventure Camp

Kids Adventure Camp 1.0.3

It is time for a crazy and an adventurous camping for kids.

Go for an adventure of life time with the kids adventure camping.

It is time for a crazy and an adventurous camping for kids. Let's start the camp with some amazing activities and games with lot of different challenging tasks and adventures. Prepare your tent at a beautiful location where you can have a good view of all the animals so that you can take a pic and save it to the gallery. Play different games like dart game, catching the butterflies, firing the camp aiming and shooting the discs etc. go for a daring joyride on a fast boat where you have to look out for the stones and stay away from it. So pack up your bags and get ready for an amazing adventure of life time with kids adventure camp.


1) Follow all the camping rules so that you remain safe from danger.

2) Play various different games with your friends during the camp.

3) Look carefully and find all your favorite animals hidden amongst the bushes and trees.

4) Help washing off the dirt and injury of the kids who have been hurt after a long adventure and games.

5) Play the dart game and shooting the disc game to check your aiming.

6) Share your camping adventure stories with friends and have fun.

Kids Adventure Camp


Kids Adventure Camp 1.0.3